March 2019 Concept development

The idea for Pennyworth Investment was conceptualised by our founder & director, Joseph Todd. Who then put together a team of experts and professionals in risk management and liquidity, business management, hedging and others.

Q3 & Q4 2019 Core Development

Development and testing of trade strategy in real time to confirm trade efficiency for the duration of 6 months.

March 26th 2020 Company Incorporation & Soft Launch

Pennyworth Investments Limited was incorporated into Companies House, UK with the registration number 12535466. This is followed by a one week soft launch to test system in real-time with in-house investments

Q2 2020 Website and Whitepaper
  • Website goes live
  • Version 2 of Whitepaper reviewed and released
  • Telegram investment bot goes live
April 17th 2020 Official Launch

On this day the final release of the project is made to the general public.