eToro Adds Chainlink And Uniswap Following An ‘Explosion In Retail Investor Appetite’

The crypto market has been scoring huge wins of late as digital assets win in recognition in various economic sectors across the world. The latest br…

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PBOC, Federal Reserve Officials Provide Optimistic Commentary On Bitcoin

Recent comments from officials at two of the world’s largest central banks indicate growing acceptance that bitcoin is the future.

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Dogecoin price surge to $50 billion, now worth more than Barclays

TL;DR Breakdown Doge market cap hit $50 billion What will happen when Doge trades at $1 In the past days, the price of Dogecoin has gained over 500 p…

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Bitcoin is Consolidating as Security Questions are Raised?

The exchange rate of Bitcoin versus the U.S. dollar hit an all-time high of 61,781 in mid-March and for the past 4-weeks has been consolidating. The …

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Why LUNA’s Recent Rally Could be the Start of a Bullish Trend

Amongst the best-performing assets in the crypto space over the past week, Terra (LUNA) has registered 18.9% gains over the weekend. Just behind AAVE…

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‘Making sense’ of XRP’s rise from $0.40 to $1.60 & Dogecoin’s rally

These two altcoins seem to be impervious right now. For a mere meme coin to rank as a top altcoin, (ranking 8th in terms of market capitalization) DO…

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Dogecoin leads gains as crypto markets crash further

Over 1 million trading accounts were liquidated over the weekend. The post Dogecoin leads gains as crypto markets crash further appeared first on Cry…

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Turkey Says “No” to BTC Payments, Citing Lack of “Supervision Mechanisms”

It looks like Turkey is not as comfortable with bitcoin as other nations. The region has decided to put a stop to all bitcoin payments citing concern…

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eToro adds Chainlink and Uniswap amid investor surge for crypto

First two in a series of tokens to be added this year on eToro UNI is eToro’s first token in decentralized finance trading infrastructure eToro, the …

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Consumers Worry Over Inflation, Experts Say It’s Temporary

While consumer outlook remains negative, last week’s jobless claims pointed toward further economic recovery, although the data is historically volat…

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Here Are 4 Crypto Assets To Buy Amid the Violent Dip, Says Trader Credible Crypto

A high-profile crypto analyst who continues to amass a large following due to his bullish XRP calls is unveiling the names of coins that he believes …

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Bitcoin Faces Do Or Die Situation, Will Miners Save the Day for BTC?

Bitcoin price on Sunday fell by nearly 10% reaching sub $54K levels and later recovered up to $57K on Monday before facing another wave of correction…

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NYDIG a "net purchaser" of Bitcoin during selloff

NYDIG's (New York Digital Investment Group) Global Head of Research Greg Cipolaro recaps this weekend's vicious selloff in bitcoin (BTC-USD), conclud…

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